Nico Louw – Managing Director

From the beginning our dedicated staff, led from the front by Nico, have taken the core values of the company seriously, putting service to the customer above all else, paying fanatical attention to detail and exhibiting an excellent work ethic, which has built a company that has grown in both size and reputation.

Renico Plant Hire has established itself as one of the leading plant hire companies in the country. Our fleet of over 300 pieces of large earthmoving equipment and tipper trucks is deployed on various sites across Gauteng and other areas of South Africa and Namibia. Sites include large-scale shopping malls and office developments, casino developments, highway upgrades, mining, and residential parks. Large contracts are also undertaken. Our ever-growing fleet of equipment and vehicles undergoes maintenance on a regular basis within our well equipped and well staffed workshop and is run through a comprehensive checking process before being sent out to our customers or used on any site. In this way we ensure a minimum of downtime to any hirer or project. The growth of the company has resulted in the separation of the company into three divisions – Renico Plant Hire (Pty) Ltd, Renico Quarrying and Crushing (Pty) Ltd and Renico Earthworks & Civils (Pty) Ltd, with each division falling under its own management team.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission

To embrace the needs of a changing industry by being committed to the continuous review and improvement of company operations within a culture of customer focus, quality assurance, information technology, human resource development, and environmental responsibility.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a premier Earthworks and Civils Company in South Africa, known for our fanatical concern for our customer’s needs, our management talent, market leadership and operational excellence.

Unique Approach

As one of our primary goals, Renico Plant Hire has the determination to satisfy our customer’s needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Our experienced staff members are able to assess proposed contracts or sites thoroughly and advise our customers on the most economical and time efficient manner in which to complete the necessary work. It is with pride that we ensure that all of our customers get far more than “hired equipment” – sound advice based on our vast experience is included with any rental or contract. It is all directed towards completing the work in the most cost effective manner.

Core Values

  • Service to the customer above all else.
  • Hard work and individual productivity.
  • Fanatical attention to consistency and detail.
  • Striving for excellence in reputation.
  • Being open to ideas from anywhere and committed to solving problems.
  • Stretching, setting aggressive goals, and rewarding progress, yet understanding accountability and commitment.
  • A responsibility to cultivate the best relationships where possible with our co-workers, customers, suppliers and our community.
  • Seeing change as an opportunity and not a threat.

Environmental Issues

Managing Director Nico Louw insists that there should be a continual awareness of the environment in all the work the Company performs. Whilst appreciating that there will always be some environmental sacrifices in the cause of development and progress, Renico Earthworks & Civils (Pty) Ltd ensures at all times that there is as minimal an impact on the environment as possible on every site we work.

Health & Safety

The key strategic objective is the achievement of “zero harm”. We enjoy the services of a permanently contracted Health & Safety Officer, while Supervisors and management ensure that safety is not compromised in any circumstances by taking responsibility for employee safety, leading by example, encouraging positive safety behaviour and discouraging negative behaviour. Supervisors apply a policy of zero tolerance to non-compliance with safety standards.

Occupational health screening and medicals are undergone throughout the year, ensuring that employees are fit for work in their specific environment. Cases of occupational and non occupational disease are referred to external facilities. No pre-employment testing for HIV is undertaken and all HIV testing and counselling is undertaken voluntarily. Employees who are HIV positive are encouraged to participate in the wellness programmes available through various local clinics.

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