Over and above the ongoing demand for the hire of their heavy equipment, and despite the fact that the company is based in Gauteng, Renico Plant Hire – and particularly their Crushing and Screening Equipment – sees a considerable amount of contract work in several other provinces of South Africa – and is now moving further afield into Namibia.

Noblesfontein Windfarm Project – Northern Cape

Acting as a subcontractor, Renico recently completed a nine month project which saw them crushing materials for the concrete used to create the turbine bases on the Noblesfontein Windfarm Project in the Northern Cape. G5 material was likewise crushed for the gravel roads on the farm. office for rent This proved to be a challenging project, since the farm was situated far from any main centre.

Kathu – Northern Cape

The growth of the Sishen iron-ore mine in this area has again afforded us the opportunity to work in the Northern Cape. We have been on site in Kathu for approximately three months now, again as a subcontractor, where we are utilising multi stage crushers (both Jaw and Cone) to create material for surface beds. Any excess material produced is being sold.

Munitoria – Pretoria, Gauteng

Staying closer to our home base, and acting as a subcontractor, we crushed and screened the vast amount of material that resulted from the demolition of the Munitoria, built as the municipal headquarters of the then City Council of Pretoria during the 1960’s. This was necessary to clear the site for the construction of the new municipal office building which will be named Tshwane House.

Medupi Power Station – Limpopo

Once again working as a subcontractor, we are screening hillwash for the dams that are being constructed adjacent to the Power Station. Two wheel loaders and two screens are kept busy with this work.


We have recently purchased a new Triple Deck screen which is being sent to Namibia for what is expected to be a five month crushing and screening application, although this could possibly be extended further.